03 January 2018

MAD Skillz - Murda Gram

Dammit I spoke too soon.  Shoulda known Skillz wasn't gon let this shit slide.  A day after my post about Skillz being lazy, he claps back at Uncle Murda in true veteran fashion.  He took it back to the days when people didn't tolerate biting someone's whole style and trying to profit from it.  Even though Uncle Murda's Rap Ups these past few years have been vastly superior to Skillz, it was more due to an overall lack of effort on Skillz part because the VA emcee is a far greater rapper than Uncle Murda ever was.  Neither one of them are really making much noise as artists these days, so I feel like both of them have the time to make this grow into a legit battle, unlike these pussy ass battles we've had from Meek and Drake, to Remy and Nicki, and most recently Ma$e and Cam'ron.

Helluva way to kick off 2018, fellas.  If Uncle Murda pulls a Meek and takes 3 months to respond, his nonexistent career might actually be over cuz Skillz completely buries that nigga on this track.  As a fan of the culture, I truly hope this is not another one-sided affair.  Peep the track below as the clock ticks for Uncle Murda's clap back.

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