03 April 2011

Review: Travis Barker "Give The Drummer Some"

Travis Barker is a beast, no question. He was able to take hip-pop (pun intended) songs like “Crank Dat (Soulja Boy)”and “Low” and put his signature drums to them and get you amped. You were either amped by how the songs sounded or you got hype off of watching him play the drums to these songs.  When I heard the mixtape that dropped before this release I almost wrote it off (Damn you Drama!). Luckily for everyone,  “Give The Drummer Some” is a prime example of not putting your best tracks on your promo tape.
Straight up, this is a good album on many levels. First of all, you have Travis doing his damn thing on the drums as usual. But if you look at the liner notes he did ALL the production except for one track, and he co-produced that. The tracks he laid down are dope.  On another note, the list of MCs  on this album ensures that no matter which section of hip hop you live in: Dirty South, Midwest, East Coast, West Coast, mainstream, independent, whatever your flavor is, someone is on this album that you are checking for. If you aren’t checking for anyone on this album, your list of favorite MCs is too small.
While the production is good, the head nods are going to come in where you can actually tell when Travis is beating those drums up. Tracks like “Can A Drummer Get Some” and “If You Want To” have some parts where, between the drums and the rhymes, you might catch yourself nodding a little too hard. Other tracks show that Trav can bring the heat and not have the rapid fire drums. “Knockin” has a type of punk/reggae vibe while “Jump Down” sounds like he invoked the spirit of some old N.W.A.
Travis Barker doesn’t sound like he is trying to be anything he isn’t. This isn’t a “....let me jump on the rap bandwagon because it’s cool” type of album. Travis is a punk kid who gets respect in hip hop for doing hip hop HIS way. This album definitely doesn’t sound like most of what you might own, which might be a good thing. 
                                                                                                          ~ J. Hyde

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