18 July 2011

Shameless Promotion: Beats by Dr. Dre///New YouTube page

"I'll be damned if I am going to spend $300 on some headphones!"

Those were my famous last words, right before my boy Antoine talked me into getting some Beats by Dr. Dre. It helped that every other dude I saw on this base was rocking them around. I didn't understand the allure. They were large, bulky, and expensive looking.

However, being the music aficionado (yea, I said it) that I am and an avid lover of hip-hop (duh, hence this site), my boy sold me on the amazing benefits of the Beats By Dr. Dre headphones. I did a little research on my own and checked the bank account and realized that I could actually afford them. I knew I was taking a huge risk, especially on something that I had no intent of getting in the first place, but I was pleasantly surprised when they finally arrived and I blasted the first notes through them.

The sound was clear, precise and crisp. I was hooked. Although the price was steep (come on, we should all know that you're paying for the name more so than the quality), I still didn't regret the purchase, as the clarity and vibrant bass that was flowing into my ears took all my troubles away. I had my Beats, and I was in love. If you can afford them (I got the Studio jawns, the second tier down from the Pros, which run around $400-$450) and you can justify the purchase because you're in the studio often or really passionate about your music, then go ahead and cop a pair!

On a totally unrelated note, I've started a new YouTube page. The screen name is BestInTheMix and I'll be posting my thoughts and reviews on all things hip hop in there. If you know of any awesome video editing software, let me know. I currently use iMovie, but am looking for something a little more high tech, but not something as big as Final Cut Pro X. Hit me up at webmaster@TheNiftian.com if y'all have any ideas...I'll keep you informed when the videos start rolling in; it will be fun, trust me!