28 August 2014

SINGLE: The Game - Don't Shoot (Dedication To Mike Brown)

The Game has teamed up with quite the motley crew of rappers for what might possibly be the most important songs of this generation with "Don't Shoot," a tribute to the merciless killing of Mike Brown by police in Ferguson, Missouri. Alongside Game there is at least a verse, hook, or adlib from Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, Diddy, Fabolous, Wale, DJ Khaled, Swizz Beatz, Yo Gotti, Curren$y, Problem, King Pharaoh & TGT. Normally, you wouldn't expect to hear half of these artists on a track like this, but it's good to know they are aware of the impact and reach their voices have upon society. Not since "The West Coast Rap All-Stars - We're All In The Same Gang" have we seen so many artists in Hip-hop come together on a song to uplift the urban community and/or to raise global awareness of police brutality. In the society we live in, justice for Mike Brown might seem like a far-fetched goal, but these artists using the tools they were given to raise awareness is an enormous leap in the right direction. Down the line, hopefully this song will inspire other artists to take a stand and speak up on issues plaguing the urban community when they happen. Because at the end of the day, we all we got.

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23 August 2014

VIDEO: Dom Kennedy feat. Skeme - If It Don't Make Money

Last October, West Coast rapper Dom Kennedy dropped his long overdue album Get Home Safely, which supplied fans with the high quality music that was beginning to cause an uproar due to his hiatus. Yesterday he dropped a video for "If It Don't Make Money" featuring fellow West Coast native Skeme. Dom manages to keep his fans at bay by releasing videos long after the album. Though Dom Kennedy has given us another visual his time is ticking to give his faithful fan base another project, but for now, enjoy this one!

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22 August 2014

SINGLE: J Cole - Be Free

Unfortunately, unarmed young minority men being killed by the police is not news. But since Trayvon Martin's death two years ago, there seems to be more attention being paid to these events by the media. The latest shooting took place in Ferguson, Missouri on August 9th. And like deja vu, it involved another unarmed black teen. Michael Brown was walking with a friend Dorian Johnson on his way to visit his grandmother. It is alleged that Brown and Johnson robbed a store (without a weapon) moments before his death. The officer that stopped them was not aware of this when he came across Brown and Johnson. They were being stopped for "blocking traffic" since they were walking in the street of a residential area. They were blocks away from their destination. Brown was shot 6 times (4 in the right arm, 1 in the eye and 1 at the top of the skull). 

I know that music isn't going to magically fix all the issues in the world, especially when it involves race. And I am not saying that emcees like J Cole are heroes for making songs that bring awareness to the problem. It is the outreach and actions they take that will be their legacy. But it is refreshing to see hip hop once again being the voice of the people and making issues from "our streets" public to the rest of the nation. J Cole's single Be Free is a very simple piano instrumental with no real rapping. Instead Cole sings in a very emotional/raspy (almost drunk) tone. He addresses his fears and hopes and questions why these events are becoming more prevalent in society. The BITM crew sends its prayers and condolences to the Brown and Johnson family, and all those affected by the death of young Michael Brown.

20 August 2014

VIDEO: Nicki Minaj - Anaconda

Sexy. Delicious. Raunchy. Those are just some of the words I could use to summarize Nicki Minaj's new video for her single, "Anaconda"on her upcoming album, The Pinkprint. This song is sampled from the party classic, "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix-A-Lot. The video is probably going to be my undisputed favorite of 2014 and I know I won't be the only one feeling this way. Enjoy! 

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14 August 2014

VIDEO: Joey Bada$$ - Big Dusty

If you're a Joey Bada$$ or Pro Era fan, then you've been checking for Joey's debut studio LP since his debut EP Summer Knights. A release date is yet to be set, but Pro Era heads can expect B4.DA.$$ to drop before the end of the year. Pro Era member Kirk Knight provides the instrumental for the first single, Big Dusty. The track has a very Mobb Deep/Wu Tang-ish vibe and a sound. It is very gritty 90s NYC hip hop inspired. The collective of emcees and producers have stated that even though they are young, (ages ranging from late teens to early 20s, think one dude might be mid 20s) they were raised and influenced heavily by the golden era. Joey released a music video this week to accompany his lead single for B4.DA.$$. Pro Era aficionados will be pleased with the total package of Big Dusty. From the aforementioned production, to the lyrics to the visuals, this is how you drop your first studio single. Along with the Black Hippy camp, the Pro Era collective might be the best overall "young" movement in hip hop today. A breath of fresh air. Peep video below and let us know what you think.

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06 August 2014

SINGLE: Action Bronson - Easy Rider

Most of uall in the BITM nation can guess which emcees we prefer and who we got in steady rotation. For yours truly, Action Bronson is definitely one of those dudes. I gave the emcee four and a half tapes in the review of his debut EP, Saaab Stories, and he was also a runner up for the Most Slept On in the 2013 BITM Year End Wrap Up. Our own Twon Johnson even singled out Bronsalino in the 2013 XXL Freshman Class post. And ever since Action's EP I have been patiently waiting for his follow up, Mr.Wonderful. A release date has yet to be set, but we assume that should be updated soon since we do know it'll drop this year (hopefully). Enter Mr.Wonderful's first single, Easy Rider. The classic rock sample from Party Supplies is very Hendrix/Santana-y and provides a great ambiance for Bronson to lay down his lyrics. I've had this joint on repeat since I heard the single and am just amazed at the intricate details found in each bar. The metaphors and visual lyrics fit perfectly with the overall theme of the track. The instrumental is a bit psychedelic and his lyrics supplement the track effortlessly. 

Peep track below. Joint is fuego.

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SINGLE: Remy Ma - They Don't Love You No More (Remix)

So uall remember Remy Ma? Some of you might not, but we can't really blame you. Ms. Ma has been incarcerated since 08 for shooting another woman in the torso. Said woman allegedly stole three gs from Remy. Not a good move. The incident occurred in Manhattan on July of 07. Even though Remy has been in the game for over a decade, her six year bid came at a time when her star was rising. Big Pun had taken her under his wing and brought her into the Terror Squad family. Lean Back was Terror Squad's most successful single (off of True Story) and it featured Fat Joe and Remy Ma. Her studio debut, There's Something About Remy: Based on a True Story, pulled forgettable numbers but peaked well on Billboard charts. Even though it was a commercial flop, Remy garnered a lot of respect and praise from the hip hop community. Throw in a few mixtapes and Remy has a catalog that shows her versatility and pen game. If you ain't give Remy a shot to make your play list, I suggest you do so. Remy was released from Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women last Friday, August first. Over the weekend she dropped her first single, They Don't Love You No More (Remix). The original DJ Khaled track features Meek Mills, Rick Ross, Jay Z and and French Montana. Remy drops two verses that show the femcee has been keeping her pen sharp and is ready to attack the block. The BITM crew will definitely be checking for her next moves. You should do the same.

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05 August 2014

VIDEO: Young Jeezy - Me Ok

We threw up the single Seen It All featuring Jay Z last month, but we did not upload the first single Me Ok. So today we are sharing the music video that accompanies his first track single. Ain't much to say, just a hard track with a straight from the hood style video. Like most down south emcees, he definitely reps his streets and makes sure that the whole community is involved. Starting off shooting on location throughout many residential areas and even landmarks like JJ's Rib Shack. But really all this video does is make me want September 2nd to be here now (release date of Seen It All album) and want Jeezy to make a video for the track Seen It All with Hova. Jeezy has been a consistent emcee that has stayed true to himself and has promoted himself as the real deal. His past is his past and the Atl vet is ready to expand his empire and make an upper echelon move in hip hop.

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