09 April 2013

DISCUSSION: "I Hit It First" - Ray J


I honestly don't know where to start. I mean, I'm used to celebs sticking their theoretical feet in their mouths and thinking they're eating chocolate cake, but sometimes someone does something so stupid that it makes it hard to look over and forget. Kanye West is usually the recipient of the You Big Dummy award. He's involved again, but this time, he isn't on the receiving end.

William Ray Norwood, Jr aka Brandy's brother aka The Dick That Spawned Kim Kardashian's career bka Ray-J has really stepped in it. Last week he dropped a track that was seemingly dedicated to his ex-jumpoff and the 2007 Golddigger of the Year award winner, Kim Kardashian and Mr. Golddigger Anthem himself, Kanye West. The song title, in case you haven't heard, is "I Hit It First." Yes, you read that correctly.

In the song, Ray-J goes on to lambast the numerous fellatious acts committed by some unnamed groupie after he got done giving her the goods, stating that despite the fact she has moved on to rappers and ballplayers, she need always remember...he hit it first. Twon Jonson and I chopped it up briefly the other day. The convo follows.

Twon Jonson: For real, this famous-for-no-reason ass nigga prolly just pulled the greatest stunt in his nonexistent career; try to lure Kanye into responding, hence giving Mr. Norwood the steam he needs to drop a new album, which I'm almost positive is waiting in the wings. It's a genius move on Ray J's part if Kanye responds. I think this is Ray J's identity now and we all just kinda have to accept his clown ways or continue to ignore them. He knows what will get the public's attention. Anything less than absolutely ridiculous means that a nobody like him doesn't even appear on our radar...but the song is kinda catchy though...and I hate myself for feeling that way.

The Niftian: Crazy thing is that Ray-J has built his career on being under someone else's shadow, most notably his sister. I mean, the dude has like ZERO talent in any arena. Hell, even Lil Kim shot him a side-eye diss on that one song, "Wait a minute, isn't that Brandy's brother?" That's all he's know for. Enter sex tape. He fucks some random, big booty white (?) girl on cam and the world is like "OMG! Look at his dick and this non dick sucking bitch!" Whoop-de-doo...I make better sex tapes in my sleep. Hateration aside, Kim went on to become that years Golddigger of the Year, setting the stage for the likes of Amber Rose and every chick on Love and Hip-Hop.

It was all funny when Ray-J let this all go unanswered, just chilling in the wings, knowing that he spawned the career of an entire family (save Rob Kardashian, famous in his own right). I've seen countless memes and posters joking the Kardashian clan and how much they owe to Ray-J's dick for their success. It's true. It was also funny, mostly because Ray-J kept quiet. This song is an affront to the code and frankly, makes Ray-J look bitter, something that I honestly thought he was not.

Who cares if you hit it first? We KNOW you hit it first! You just look like a sap announcing it. So then the question begs, why'd he feel the need to make a song about it, and after all this time? I think you hit it on the head, Twon (no pun intended). Also, I don't think the song is a direct diss to Kanye...at least I didn't until I saw the pixelated cover art, which reminds me an awful lot of the edited cover version for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. So scratch my previous thought and *insert Kanye diss here.* The best thing for K. West to do would be to ignore all this, that's a surefire win, because no one takes Mr. One Wish seriously, not even his sister and mother. Of course, Ray-J knows that if there is one thing Kanye can not avoid, it's controversy.

TJ: Yea agree wit everything u said homie, it'll be interesting to see where it all goes from here. Almost wish there was a USTREAM of what Kanye's doin right now cuz u know that nigga chompin at the bit to respond. Even though Jim Jones isnt quite the ass clown that Ray J is, Jim definitely won by luring Jigga into that trap. Prolly the hottest dude ever been his whole career was off that beef.

TN: According to a very recent interview, Ray-J claims it's "just music" and the song isn't about Kimye at all.

*coughs* BULLSHIT! *cough*

I hate when rappers/celebs do that shit. If you gonna pop off shit, then stand behind your words!

TJ: I mean, lying to the media is a part of survival as a "celebrity." Your defense walls crumble when u give yourself up like that. So regardless of what the truth is, him saying it isnt about Kimye Breast means that no one can "factually" hold it against him or try to accuse him of defamation or anything else that could come from him owning upto it.  

TN: I just fucking hate it. "Naw, that song 'Hey Kanye, I Fucked Your Baby Momma' isn't about you and YOUR baby momma. It's this OTHER dude I know name Kanye..." #FuckOuttaHere with that bullshit!  

Y'know, you don't have to take our word for this foolishness...check it out yourself. Oh, and if you're so inclined, this circus act of a song dropped on iTunes today.  



  1. I think its marketing genius. When was the last time people listened to a or talked about a song that Ray J had put out? My biggest issue is that Kim is pregnant and its super poor taste to release it now. The song (as catchy as it is)is just regular poor taste. Few things would make me happier however, than if Tito's son and Kim's first husband, Damon Thomas, were to appear on the remix.

    1. I don't think it'll help revive his relevance at all. He's the laughingstock of the hip-hop/R&B world right now. Actually, just a few short weeks after and he's a non motherfucking factor again. He shouldn't have done this at all, or at least should have done this forever ago. He's just playing himself like an Atari, and that's not good game homey, sorry...word to Kendrick Lamar.

  2. Cant front this track and video are hilarious.