"Life's About Who Makes It, Not About Who Makes It The Fastest..." - Clifford "T.I.P." Harris

TwonJonson is a mastermind. Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, his young mother took him out of an environment that would have easily destroyed any hope of a future, and raised him in the suburbs of Northern, VA. Being surrounded by positive influences rubbed off on Twon early in life, which allowed him to discover his gifts at the tender age of 7, when he performed in his first talent show in summer camp. It was then that he knew that he had a passion for entertaining.

As an entertainer...

As the years went on, TwonJonson explored his gifts all the way up until early adulthood, participating in countless plays, musicals, choirs, talent shows, and concerts, often times being the headliner of each performance. His uncle introduced him to Hip-Hop when he was young, but it was difficult to receive and understand lyrics from the Tupac's, Nas', and Biggie's of the world at age 10. Still, these lessons would stick with him through the years as he grew to develop an ear for Hip-Hop. By the time high school came around, TwonJonson was completely engulfed in all things music related. Not only did his peers see him as the best singer in school, he was also the person to go to in order to get the "hookup" on any new music that dropped. By the time of graduation, his classmates even voted him as the "Most Musical" person in their class. When he moved to Richmond, VA in 2001, he met The Niftian and his roomate, SdotFly in college, and the three of them clicked instantly when they discovered their mutual love for music. TwonJonson continued to grace the stage in plays, and countless open mic nights in Richmond until 2003.

As a creative writer...

He had always had a knack for creative writing, and out of his many gifts it is still the one he cherishes and enjoys the most. TwonJonson learned as far back as middle school that writing was second nature to him. He always had the longest and most well structured stories of anyone in class, and even spent his free time writing several fictional stories with depth. He figured that with a mind that is always racing, it was probably a good idea to get some of those ideas down on paper to share with the world. As an adult, once social media outlets began to explode on the scene, TwonJonson took full advantage of myspace and facebook to post reviews for albums, as well as the infamous "Top Dime" series, which drew a huge following every month. The Top Dime was particularly successful, in that it drew a lot of discussion from friends, as well as arguments, about what they considered to be good music. The series itself was a list of the hottest ten songs of the moment, coupled with his views on each song. The ones who loved it and looked forward to it the most completely abandoned the radio and began to look for his articles, because they trusted him to bring them the best of the best. Do not be surprised if you see a return of The Top Dime, with a BITM twist.

As a songwriter/producer...

There comes a time when every young adult realizes that in order to be something in life, you have to truly put your all into it, and go out there and get it. "Get some ambition, why you bored? Time will never wait on no man, society will never hold your hand." Conscious Hip-Hop started resonating with TwonJonson on a level that it never had before. Music that he grew up on made way more sense to him during these years. Music was no longer just about a hot beat and rhythm. To him, music began to be about inspiration, direction, and purpose. He was introduced to the legendary group "Little Brother" by a co-worker, and their music completely changed TwonJonson's world. He wanted to share his gift of writing with the world in more ways than just a deep poem or review online. He wanted to merge his two worlds of music and creative writing. Since 2007, he has managed to hone in on writing his own music, and creative writing with a focus on urban media. With BITM as his engine, he plans to continue to pursue his career in writing, no matter what capacity it is in.

Whether it's TwonJonson the author, Big Twon the artist, or wisdom from Antoine Thorn the man, you know that whatever you get from him is going to be fire. Stay tuned...

Top 10 Dead Or Alive
10. REKS
9. Notorious B.I.G.
8. Tupac Shakur
7. Elzhi
6. Royce Da 5'9
5. Phonte
4. Eminem
3. Nas
2. Andre 3000
1. Black Thought

Up and Coming Youngins
* Joey Bada$$
* Rapsody
* J. Cole
* Logic
* Big K.R.I.T.
* Ab-Soul
* Kendrick Lamar

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