28 February 2012

Grip Grand//Music Sofa

I know, I know...I'm a bad person. I put y'all up with posts and reviews and then I disappear. Shame on me.

The truth is, I've been so busy promoting my book (www.lulu.com/spotlight/TheNiftian) that I've neglected the music site. I'm SO sorry!

Anyhoo, I'm here for two reasons: to hip y'all to an artist that OneMic introduced me to and to tell y'all about one of my homey's new blogs.

Ever heard of Grip Grand? me either, at least not until two weeks ago. Mic sent me a few playlists with this cat on them and he has blown me away. Don't believe me? Check out "But Anyway" by him on YouTube or something. You'll see. The track is bananas and the flow is a breath of fresh air. He kind of reminds me of Rhymefest (when he first came out) and Raekwon. Hell, peep "Popular Demand," too. The beat should sound familiar. The flow is grease, too. Grip's got a new fan.

Also, my boy started a blog a few months ago, the main purpose being reviews and promoting his own flows. Trust me when I tell you that he has skills and that he has good taste in music.


Peep it. He focuses his reviews more on older albums, but trust, they're good reads. He's posted some lyrics on his site, but he plans on having some music of his up soon. Stay tuned!