31 May 2018

The Bisquick Bandit | BITM Podcast

In this segment, The Niftian, stayfly, and TwonJonson discuss the shift that's happening within urban media from talk shows on the radio to podcasts.  More specifically, we dive into the short-lived beef between relative newcomers Desus & Mero and DJ Envy, and discuss how important it is for a show to be self-contained these days.  

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23 May 2018

Flops & Gimmicks | BITM Podcast

Listen as TwonJonson, stayfly, and the DIEGONITE himself, TheNiftian attempt to make sense of the existence of Tekashi 69 while analyzing the tactics it takes to make a dent in the industry in 2018.  TheNiftian and stayfly lead the way with their topics in this clip.

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16 May 2018

Black Panther | BITM Podcast

In this clip, stayfly and Twonjonson debrief from their interview with professional producer and engineer AL-Tee Williams before jumping into discussing several albums of 2018 from artists including Logic, Jericho Jackson, PRhyme 2, and Skyzoo.  We also spend most of the topic choppin it up over both the Black Panther movie and soundtrack.

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09 May 2018

AL-Tee Williams | B-Sides Podcast

I'd like to introduce the newest addition to the BITM Brand, the B-Sides Podcast.  The range of content you have to look forward to will be anything from interviews with guests to me and my boys just shootin the shit across a myriad of topics.  Our first episode is with the CEO of The OPP Group INC, AL-Tee Williams.  He is an engineer / producer / musician from Atlanta with over 30 years of experience in the game and takes us on a journey through his career as well as offers advice for up and coming engineers who are serious about getting into the business.

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