07 November 2011

White Around The Corner (Attack of the White Rapper), pt 1

Person A: "White people should not rap. Rap is from the streets, rap is about the struggle to survive."

Person B: "So...white people don't struggle?"

A: "Naw, man! White people have everything given to them!"

B: "I think Eminem would disagree..."

A: "Oh, he doesn't count! *That* white boy can spit!"

Person C: "Do you even hear yourself?! You're saying Eminem is the ONLY eligible white rapper?"

A: "No, I'm saying he's the only one that's allowed to be accepted. He's kind of like white trash, so he's cool."

B: "So, in order to be accepted by mainstream rap audiences, one must be considered 'trash?'"

A: "Yea! We want to hear about shit that we can relate to! Like I said, the struggle."

C: "Stuff you can relate to, huh? So...you can relate to dealing drugs, riding on 26 inch rims and buying out the mall?"

B: "You better say no! You work at McDonald's!"

A: "No, I can't relate to that..."

C: "But that's all that *your* favorite rappers talk about."

B: "Eminem doesn't. The Beastie Boys don't. Asher Roth doesn't. Neither does Mac Miller, Aesop Rock or Joe Scudda, all respected emcees in the game, and all white."

A: "Ok, ok! Ease up...damn...hadn't thought of that. I like most of those cats, too. Who the hell is Joe Scudda?"

This wasn't an actual conversation, necessarily, but it *is* one that I've had many times over the past few years with people. For some reason, up until lately, there has been a lot of animosity aimed at non black rappers. I guess we can blame Vanilla Ice for that, he of the fake background, stolen beats and corny moves.

Who *should* we blame, if anyone? Why is it so difficult to break into any particular genre just because of your ethnicity? Black country singers get ridiculed, black rockers get the side-eye, and white rappers get laughed at. Where's the degree of openness? Does it even exist?

In this new series, White Around The Corner, we will be discussing the history of caucasians in hip-hop, from 3rd Bass to Lil Wyte to Bubba Sparxxx to Brother Ali to Machine Gun Kelly. Feel free to chime in on this and let us know your thoughts...we'll be "white" back.

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