08 January 2012

Give Me Some Ideas!

It's time for a new Pioneer Series, I think. I need some ideas for some topics. There aren't really any rules, except that they have to have been an influential figure in the world of hip-hop, whether it was by rapping, tagging, breaking, or DJing. I went slightly modern with the last couple of topics, but I really want to take it back for the next few. Here are a couple ideas I have for now...

1) Crazy Legs
2) Scarface
3) Waka Flocka (I'm joking, I'm joking!!!)

I am also thinking of branching it a bit, also. So instead of just profiling people, I would also be discussing events. For example, I could discuss the phenom of break-dancing, the movie Beat Street (which I recently saw for the FIRST time--shame on me, I know), the birthplace of hip-hop (which was briefly covered in the article on Kool Herc, as most may remember), or something to those effects. Again, looking for some ideas.

I may be the lead writer/editor, but this isn't just my site. What is interesting to you? What do you want to learn about? I learn when you learn, and I am entertained the same way. Hit us up!


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