19 June 2012

Controversial Adidas Shoes Are (thankfully) Cancelled

Sometimes I see some things and it makes me wonder just how little do some people actually think about things before they put them into existence. Adidas, an iconic brand known as a fashion staple from the birth of hip hop, recently announced plans to release the above pictured shoe, the JS (Jeremy Scott) Roundhouse Mids, in August.

However, due to heavy backlash from community leaders like Rev. Jesse Jackson and the socially aware rapper Talib Kweli, Adidas announce today that they were canceling plans for the shoe due to heavy criticism and comparisons to shackles reminiscent of slavery times.

Adidas was initially very defensive when the first negative critiques came out, saying that Jeremy Scott had a "outrageous and unique take on fashion" and that the design of the shoe had "nothing to do with slavery." 

Pause for effect.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME, ADIDAS?!?! GTFOHWTB! I'm all for being fashion forward when it comes to innovative thinking but at what point does corporate and personal THINKING come into play?! Jeremy Scott stated that the shackles were not inspired by slaves but instead by an old toy, "My Pet Monster," which had yellow shackles on its arms. Maybe that's true. Maybe Jeremy Scott was truly inspired by the old stuffed animal. HOWEVER, someone should have seen this coming from a mile away. This is tacky, tasteless, and insensitive, in my opinion. Mr. Scott may have had his heart in the right place, but Adidas should have known better. 

Thankfully, they cancelled plans for the shoe amidst much controversy. The $350 shoes were originally scheduled to drop in August.

-The Niftian

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