16 June 2012

Crew Loving Gone Wrong?

What exactly causes dudes to fight? Money? Power? Respect? In the latest celebrity beef it seems to be over a female. Chris Brown, Drake, and Meek Mill and all of their respectable camps allegedly got into a huge fight over the sexy Rihanna. The ties between Rihanna and the three artists have been rumors and facts; a relationship with Chris Brown (fact); a possible relationship with Drake (a combination of both); and having sex with Meek Mill (rumor).On June 13, 2012, the three artists were all in the same club and then the altercation developed sometime while partying. Rihanna (who coincidently was in New York at the same time), acted as if she was completely oblivious to the situation when asked about it. Evidently Drake confronted C Breezy and hit him with a bottle that caused the gash that is currently on his chin. Of course, both of their camps clashed as well (Meek Mill’s team siding with YMCMB) and caused a lot more damage and ended the night at that club. In recent reports, Chris Brown allegedly called the cops, which isn’t a good look and I’m hoping it is just a rumor. This altercation has caused some outside attraction such as The Game and Roscoe Dash. Roscoe Dash made a tweet “voicing his opinion,” but definitely came across as disrespectful. Roscoe dash tweeted, “I gotta say Lost alota respect for @drake & @meekmill out of all the niggas who Dnt like yall y'all chose to retaliate against @chrisbrown.” Meek Mill replied to Roscoe saying, “@Roscoedash you gotta chill b4 you b tweeting my name in some shit i wasn't even really in! Stay in ya lane!” Chris Brown reached out to Meek Mill the day after twitter saying that real recognized real. Evidently Meek Mill wasn’t involved with the altercation; unless Chris Brown is scared shook from the Philly Team.

Some people feel Chris Brown deserves the L he took to Drake and his crew given the events that happened with Rihanna. I’m not going to say what he did was right at all because I am completely against hitting women; unless it’s life or death. How do you the people feel? Feel free to comment

-Ra’z Al Ghoul

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