25 June 2012

Michael Jackson Forever

He wasn't a rapper. He didn't spit hot fire. He wasn't an advocate of gangsta mentalities. He very rarely worked with rap artists. And yet, he is easily credited as one of your favorite rappers' favorite artist.

He inspired fashion (zipper jacket, anyone?). He made thugs want to dance (bet you can't moonwalk better than me, though!). And if you tell me you don't know the words to "Remember The Time" you're a filthy liar. He went through constant controversy, from racial confusion to child molestation accusations, but it never took away from his memory.

He made timeless music and will always be a legend in the industry, no matter how much time passes after his death. My young children even know his music. Classic.

Michael Jackson, BITM salutes you on this, the anniversary of your death. You'll never be forgotten and you'll continue to inspire.

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