30 June 2012

One Hungry Youngin'

With the growth of Hip-Hop worldwide in today’s society, more people are affected within this genre of music. More people are going to want to drop a hot 16 (whether for fun or to actually make it a career), make beats, blog, or be involved with it period.

This article is about a local artist from my hometown of Inkster, Michigan. Inkster is nowhere near as big as Detroit but it is a part of the Metro-Detroit area. It’s still the hood but this artist overcame the adversity. I was with him in band and the boy is talented. He can sing, play the saxophone, guitar, piano, recorder, harmonica, and his lyrics only get better. He reminds me of a premature Sleepy Brown. This artist is very soulful and keeps it old school. A lot of the music that is old school whether rap, gospel, R&B, rock, he put me on. This new artist goes by the name of Dev and he reps Blue Team. He isn’t a gang banger, he just likes the color blue and founded a camp by the name of which.

He dropped his first mixtape a little earlier this year (before I was on this great team of Best In The Mix!). Gone Fellow is the name of Dev’s ep. He did everything by himself completely. The stories and some of the lyrics that he says in his lyrics are the truth because I was there for most of them (including the robbery he mentions in Hugely Mysterious, that was me). My personal favorite of the mixtape is track number five, Imagination. My boy has been working and he has his second ep coming out later this summer. I provided the link to check out the mixtape below.


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