08 August 2012

Field Trip: Ninja's in Phuket

Author’s note: When I started writing this, I was going for some official Anderson Cooper/Time Magazine feel, all official and shit. Then I remembered, THIS IS BEST IN THE MIX! Around these parts, we are all family, So that’s how this piece is going down, like I’m just talking to friends about my trip.

     Hey Mixers, your boy Irish is back from Thailand and MAAAN was that whole trip bananas! What was supposed to be a simple vacation with a little BITM legwork involved turned into a life altering experience with an insane soundtrack. Between the people and the music there is too much for just one post, so if you dig what I’m getting ready to hip you to, just know at some point in time, there will be more. With that out of the way, let’s begin, shall we?

Within ten minutes of landing in Phuket, I just knew I was in for some next level of crazy. Maybe it was the scenery,

maybe it was the fresh air. More than likely, it was the fact that radio was blasting T.I.’s Sittin’ On Top Of The World as I soaked everything in. Before I knew it, we were pulling up to my home for the next two weeks, Summer Breeze Hotel. Make a mental note for yourself to google Summer Breeze Hotel after you get done with this post and check out the Penthouse Suite; you’ll thank me later. After dropping my luggage and setting up my turntables I checked my watch. Being that it was half past tequila, I figured it was time to head down to Bangla Road and check out the music scene.

      Electronic music definitely holds the crown up and down Bangla Road. The high energy, fun-loving atmosphere that is associated with house music and electro is the perfect companion with the nightlife in Phuket. Now don’t get it twisted, you are still going to hear plenty of hip hop out there. You are just going to have to look a little harder. There are clubs and bars that cater to hip hop. The majority of clubs play hip hop when they open, but as soon as the people start rolling in and the party is getting ready to jump off, you better be ready to dance or clear the way. Since this was my first trip to Phuket (and because I had a blend mix I recorded that I wanted to convince the DJ to play) me and my boy (tour guide) D-Money made our way over to the P. One Bar on Bangla Road. 

Now my boy D knew the DJ at the bar so getting my mix played at P. One actually stood a chance.  Now for those that think this isn’t a big deal, a DJ playing his mix in another DJ’s spot is like someone cooking in your mom’s kitchen. Unless you get permission, you are likely to get knocked out. Through the miracle of conversation and several shots, the DJ agreed to play my mix. Now, I’m no professional DJ, but the fact that the DJ gave me props let me know that I did my BITM family proud. Check the mix for yourself here and judge for yourself. Shouts out and much respect to DJ Tong Pornkung and all the staff at P. One.

The night went over so well that when I woke up the next morning I was inspired to spin a little indie wake up session to pass out to anyone I met. Hell, lightning could strike twice, right? Plus, I figured if they liked the mainstream club mix I put together then this laid back morning mix would be a great start for the day after. Once again I hit the nail on the head. Talk about a crazy high! Two mixes I put together were a hit in less than 15 hours. If you all want to hear the indie mix, just shoot a message to us at  BestInTheMix@gmail.com  and we can Dropbox it to you.
There is plenty more to fill you all in on about my trip, but I have loads of albums and mixtapes that need my attention. Next time we talk, I’ll tell you a little story about a place called Rawai and how it helped me fall in love with my latest addiction, Timeflies Holla.

~Irish Ninja 


  1. Do you ever dabbled in the mixing of rock/metal/metalcore with some rap lyrics. Linkin Park did great with reanimation, but there were a group that used to play on one of the local stations at squirrel shit 30 in the morning calling themselves, scratch and sniff. When I was working late I used to long for it to come on the one night if week it did and pray I was positioned to where I could hear it. Curious if you have played with it.

  2. Kudos on the addaboys abroad though I also meant to add.

  3. Appreciate the addaboy fam.

    I actually have been working on rock and metal/hip hop mashes lately. Linkin's Reanimation project was definitely dope. A lot of cats tried to recreate the rap rock fad but I'm not sure if it will come back. I hope it does. What I have noticed is a lot more mash-ups with older rock with hip hop tracks, breathing a new, different life into both the rock instrumentals and the hip hop lyrics that were put together. If you want to check some of the better HipRock mashups (don't google that, I just made it up) check out DJ Vlad's Rock Phenomenon and Max Tannone's Mic Check 1234!.

  4. Will do, need something to keep me busy, honestly don't know why no artist try a full album of it, HED P.E. was pretty close, I don't want to give any kudos to kid rock, but he was close. You'd think Aftermath/Shady records would put something together

  5. Or better yet, Jay-Z has the flow style to do it as we see, like I say, someone should run with it, the mash ups were hands down sick! And a lot of newer bands have the tempo to accompany lyrics

  6. Funny you bring up Aftermath......one day I'll tell you the story of Interscope and Bionic Jive.