10 September 2012

Advice with Steph B-More: I need more attention (vlog)

Once again it's on....this time I talk a little bit about me and answer the age old question "How can I make my man pay more attention to me?"
I appreciate any comments, YOUR advice, and your suggestions.
Let's build.

*For the time being my advice column won't be every Friday. But it will be once a week!!!! And sometimes vlogged, sometimes written but I'll always be real and awesome.

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  1. I am REALLY feeling the "whoever-picks-up-their-phone-pays" option! My SO is notorious for constantly being on social networks when we're spending QT together. It's nerve wracking. Of course I think the best/easiest option is to just talk it out. "Hey, it really bothers me when you're constantly online/on your phone. I'm feeling a bit alienated." Open your mouth and get fed, girl!

    Oh, and Steph? Didn't want to put you on the spot (LOL), but I think this video just HYPED interest in you...the thirst is real in these streets, LOL!

  2. "...i'll always be real and awesome" i love it! but to answer the question if you want more attention, ask for more attention...better yet demand more attention!