06 September 2012

@ChiefKeef vs. @LupeFiasco - But Why?

We here at BITM have this thing we do on our e-mail thread where we talk about some of our guilty pleasures. Considering ourselves to be die hard hip hop heads, we find ourselves feeling ashamed at some of the radio "hits" that we bang in the privacy of our own homes and cars. Although we strongly dislike the predominant stance and content of the songs of some of these "wannabe thugs," occasionally a song will come on that finds us tapping our feet or turning up the bass in the system...but we'd never tell anyone except other people in the BITM crew.

I tell you that because Chief Keef quickly jumped onto my list of "Ign'ant Ass Rappers" when he came onto the scene with his radio/club banger "I Don't Like." I threw him in the mix with the new breed of ratchetness like Wacka Flocka Flame, Future and others. However, when the "I Don't Like (remix)" came out, I went ham over Pusha T's verse. Shame on me, right? Well, in my defense, I always turned the song off after Pusha's verse, LOL.

Anyhoo, I figured that Chief Keef's ignorance would be limited to his songwriting abilities (or lack thereof), namely due to the bidding war that occurred over major labels trying to sign him. I thought that anyone that was willing to throw movie deals, millions of dollars and endorsements his way took him as someone who was much more intelligent than his lyrics suggested.

I was wrong.

Earlier this week, Lupe Fiasco made a comment in an interview stating that he was "scared of Chief Keef." Not scared as in 'this dude makes me check under my bed at night,' but scared as in looking at the influence artists like Chief Keef have over our youth. Our youth, who try to embody the lyrics that they hear on the radio, who try to justify the glorification of violence, drugs and loose women in these albums by taking it to the streets. When I listened to the interview, I understood exactly what Lupe was saying, and I knew he wasn't trying to come slick out of his mouth toward Chief Keef.

Chief Keef took to Twitter after that, saying that Lupe is a "hoe ass nigga" and threatening to smack Fiasco the next time he saw him. Chief, how could you BE SO STUPID?! Lupe attempted to reach out in understanding, but I think the ignorance had already set in. Set aside the fact that you literally broke the law by threatening this man in front of thousands, if not millions, of people online, think about your choice to respond with negativity instead of a positive resolution. Keef, if you were offended by what Lupe Fiasco said, that's fine; you have that right. However, to come at him in such an ignorant and blatantly negative manner only makes you look like the dummy.

So many youth look up to you, whether you believe it or not. Maybe you didn't enter the rap game to become a role model, which is fine. But you must stop and think about the power that you currently wield. You keep this up and you'll end up just like the rest: forgotten, a past trend, old news. I could be wrong, but I doubt it; that's that shit you won't like...

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  1. let me start by saying that i've never not once heard this dude's verse on the 'i don't like remix' here in the 757 a radio dj edited it out of the song so we wouldn't have to hear it(i guess it was that bad) i heard another one of his songs late night (like real late night when nobody is listening to the radio but insomniacs) and he said "bang bang" so much that i questioned whether he was retarded or not...now that i've gotten that out the way let me address the article. this is a young man that only sees the potential to be famous. he's going at these well extablished chicago artists (remember him saying kanye didn't help his career?) as to gain some attention. he's ignorant and its disappointing. lupe pointed that out and he didn't want to hear it. threatening that man for wanting his city to be better is ridiculous. chicago is getting out of hand. scratch that, chicago has been out of hand for some time now. i wish the best to lupe. and i hope that young man gets himself together. he should hope to be "forgotten, a past trend, old news" this is chicago we're talking about and those streets are alot meaner than this dude wants us to think he is.