13 September 2012

Joey BadA$$: Rejex

Guess who’s back at it? The one, the only Joey BadA$$ came with it again. This is this kid’s second mixtape in three months.  1999 was born a classic with the whole Pro Era camp spittin’ dope verses on the joint. “Rejex” is a 14 track joint that precedes it. Joey comes with the same old school style that he did in the first tape. Most of the tracks remind you of A Tribe called Quest's vibe. Joey just isn’t your average new school rapper, he is the truth. The social norm for the youth of hip-hop culture is to talk about bitches, money, gang life, and/or other ignorant irrelevant aspects that true lovers of hip hop would not succumb to as calling it just that (shoutouts to Chief Keef). I love Joey’s connection with old school hip-hop. Within the past year, there have been comparisons of artists to Nas, such as Earl the Sweatshirt. I like Earl but honestly if anyone came close to that mix of style I would say it would be Joey Bada$$. His story telling is not on par with the great Nas, but his wordplay, ability to use words, and overall lyricism favors him.

“Rejex” isn’t a mixtape that has length to it but the lyrics and tracks make up for it. My favorite track is “Catharsis.” It’s a dark track that you cruise to late at night as if you were in a hood movie like “Belly.” Joey starts out with, “Vigorous, the illest realest lyricist/ I’m sick like syphilis got a certificate for killing shit/ and any innocent who witness it the fucking incident/ got a team of militants punch lines crush ligaments.” WHOA! This kid is like 16 and he is saying dope shit like this.

Joey gets in touch with his softer side on two tracks which is a first. “Silent Night” and “Update” is when Joey gets into his feelings. “Silent Night” is him describing the heartbreak he got from his girl he was pouring love into but she only wanted currency. Somebody should’ve played “That thing” by Lauryn Hill for the kid before he got caught up in the mix. “Update” is another song that starts off with young teenage love but takes a turn for the worst when he gets hostile with shawty’s father. Oh. Shit. Son.

Overall I love this mixtape, I just wish it was longer; but it is his second mixtape in two months and he is in high school so I’ll be lenient. To me it still isn’t better than his first tape “1999,” with hisself and the whole Pro Era team. This is an upcoming artist that everyone should be out on the lookout for. The kid has BARS *Kevin Hart Chocolate Drop voice*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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