10 October 2012

New Music: Chance Fischer X Salutations

If someone were to ask me to describe Chance Fischer in one word, it would be "smart." I actually mean that in a couple of different ways, too. His lyrics are smart: "Hip hop royalty/ Motherfuck a bloodline/ cuz I don't pop five or soo-woo for a punchline" and he doesn't have to. In between discussing Hermes fashion and mythology, Chance takes the listener on an aural journey akin to Ghostface with less hood in his second single off the upcoming album Friends.Romans.Collegemen. Hell, even the album title is smart.

He dresses smart, rarely seen without his crown and blazer, showcasing a style that fits him comfortably and isn't full of unnecessary bravado. His mannerisms are on point and his lyrical prowess is as keen as the tips of the crown that he rightfully wears. Yes, literally: he really does wear a crown on his head. An actual crown that, once his lyrics are heard and his energy is felt on stage, seems as normal atop his dome as the mic seems in his hand. The first time you see him, you may think him odd. The second, you think him righteous. Peep the following press release for the new single and download the track. Two middle fingers up! The Niftian, out...


Exultant. Unapologetic. Titanic. Raw. SALUTATIONS, the second single from Chance Fischer's upcoming album Friends.Romans.Collegemen., introduces the 22-year-old Richmond rapper as a vigilante wordsmith - unimpressed by current leaders in music. Producers Denero & Matt Campfield's triumphant drum cadences bolt across infectious synths and agonizing choral chants, as Chance fluently dispels any regard for competition. Following the Conrizzle-produced POMPEII, SALUTATIONS' brash display of lyricism establishes Fischer as an unstoppable musical force.

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