08 November 2012

We Major!

In March, I made a post about BITM reaching the 5,000 page view mark. Since then, we've skyrocketed through the ceiling and recently broke the 25,000 page view tally. It took nearly two years to get to that initial 5K and yet in eight months my site has blown the lid off of this thing. This went from a rarely updated site getting 10-20 views a week, if I was lucky, to a beast targeting thousands of people a week. I'm more than happy, I'm elated, I'm ecstatic...and I didn't do it alone.

I have added a great core of individuals to the roster in the past few months and they have really cleaned up around here. What started as a fledgling project between two people (one of whom has left the nest) has turned into a dominating force powered by half a dozen people. Twon, Mike, Angel, Kenan, Steph: you guys (and gal) are the greatest and I can honestly and literally say that I couldn't have done this without you. Well, I could have, but it would have taken roughly another ten years! You've pushed me, uplifted Nifty World, and have been amazingly instrumental in creating one awesome ass brand. If I had a million dollars, you'd have a million dollars, real talk. We can't stop here, though...let's do the damn thing!

As for our viewers: thank you so much for sticking it out with us. Fans have come and gone, but many of you have stood right by my side, and now continue to stand by OUR side. We do this for you, so that you may have access to quality entertainment. We do this for the streets, so that they may truly know what is real. And ultimately, we do this for hip-hop...because dammit, we love that shit.

So, whether you've been around for a couple years or just a few weeks, we appreciate your support. Please don't forget to pass the word to your friends and family and don't forget to check www.NiftyWorld.net for the latest, greatest info on all things Nifty World! Also, we've linked up with another great rap minded site in www.ArtisticManifesto.com; make sure you go check them out! It doesn't hurt that I moved the Pioneer Series over there as well. In addition to that, you'll find some awesomely written reviews and op/ed pieces. Peace to you all, stay conscious and Do Better. The Niftian, out...

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