01 April 2013

REVIEW: Young Roddy - Good Sense II

Happy Anniversary! To Young Roddy that is, his “Good Sense” mixtape dropped on April 1, 2012 and here he comes with “Good Sense II” exactly a year later. I wrote a review on his first mixtape as a debut review for me on Best In The Mix! Young Roddy if you do not know is from the Jet Life camp consists of the Captain Curren$y, Trademark The Skydiver, Smoke Dza and Fiend. The Jets crew has been more so recognized among the weed smoking community, not saying you have to be high to enjoy their music haha. Young Roddy adds the street and struggle to his team, though most, if not all of the JETS members are from the hood, Roddy was a heavy dope dealer and continuously stated he had it hard growing up as a kid.

The Jet Life production team joined forces and created a mixtape that sums up most of the instrumentals as, soulful elevator music. Track wise, GSII is pretty much a sequel to GS. For some listeners this might be a tad bit repetitive, however this sound is completely mastered by Young Roddy. Not all tracks have this soulful sound to them. Songs like “You know” featuring Trademark have an eerie space extraterrestrial experience to them. Other songs like “3 The Hardway” featuring Styles P & Smoke Dza, have a dark dungeon type of style.

While I think the lyrics were better on the first "Good Sense," Roddy’s flow does not disappoint on this tape. Roddy isn’t your supreme storyteller/ lyricist like Nas or Immortal Technique, he raps & flows and I can appreciate that as an artist. The dude has skill, he’s not the best but he has talent. The main thing I dislike on this tape as with other projects released this year, is the length. I understand the certain issues and conflicts but I just hate short projects. This a 13 track mixtape and the jawn is only 37 minutes. I just would have liked to see at least another 8-10 minutes on to this joint.

"Good Sense 2" was a nice listen for me. I loved all the instrumentals to the songs. Soulful elevator music does it for me. Features from Curren$y, Styles P, Smoke Dza, trademark The Skydiver, and 3d Natee, made the mixtape even more enjoyable. However, I do not think this tape was better than its predecessor. This wasn’t a bad mixtape at all, it just can’t compare to the original.

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