19 July 2013

In Case You Missed It: ZEKE - 2090

OPM (Other People’s Money) is no stranger to Best In The Mix but this time it’s not Dom Kennedy. Lately the other artists are preparing for their own projects to be released under this camp (Niko G4 recently released his also). Recently Zeke of OPM dropped his “ZEKE – 2090” mixtape. Zeke is the singer of OPM, and I promise you will not be disappointed with his vocals. If you don’t remember or simply haven’t heard, he has featured on a few of Dom K and other fellow label mates like “Lately,” “A Real One,” “Talk about it,” and others.

This is a remotely short project, but the OPM template for success is quality over quantity. Considering the success of these artists’ fans, the template seems to be working.

Zeke isn't another high-pitched male R&B artist that is making music (no shots fired, just a statement), he has an actual male tone that is soft but far from feminine and guaranteed to get your lady(ies) in the mood. Zeke’s tracks have more of a jazz tone to it but at the same time sexual.  The tracks on this tape are very intimate, he makes it seems as if he is talking to one girl on every track.
There is one track on here that has a feature and that is from the captain, Dom Kennedy titled “Talk about It” that was featured on OPM’s All-stars mixtape "Young Nation” that was also reviewed by yours truly.

Personally, I love every track on here and think it’s an underground masterpiece, with it only being 33 minutes long. My personal favorites that I will play more than 5 times in a row are “Ponytail,” “Dime,” and “Around we go.” This was a great first project and I can’t wait to hear more music from Zeke. Fellas if you are looking to get a woman in the mood whether she is your lady or just a one-time thing, this is the tape that will do it .This is exactly what the R&B game has been missing.

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