19 November 2013

The Tape Deck: Nas - It Ain't Hard to Tell

We know uall have been on other hip hop sites that have "Throwback Thursdays" or whatnot. Here at BITM we also wanted a way to showcase those classic tracks to the nation So hopefully this will be the first of many. So put down the beeper, update the CDs in the trunk and put on your freshest Guess jeans and enjoy.

Of course our first track (that I picked) is from none other than Nasty Nas. Illmatic is critically regarded as one of the best debuts in hip hop (in all the lists that matter). Nas was 21 when Illmatic debut ('94) but recording most of the classic 2 years prior. My favorite track for this album changes from time to time, but it is safe to that It Ain't Hard to Tell is regularly at the top of the list. This Large Professor assisted track was the second single and samples 5 different songs. But the most noticeable (and most popular) is the Human Nature sample from the late great Micheal Jackson.

The video is quintessential 90s hip hop. Gritty, dark, blurry and raw. Besides a Wu clip, you would be hard pressed to find a better video from the Golden Era of hip hop.

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