16 December 2013

The Tape Deck: Original Flavor - Can I Get Open

    When the term "90's Rap" gets thrown out there, the first thing you will most likely hear from hip hop heads are the names 2Pac, Biggie, and Nas. No intentional disrespect, but come on y'all. The 90's are what made me love rap. So when the idea was thrown around BITM for The Tape Deck series, I started running through all my personal classics.
     Original Flavor dropped their debut album Beyond Flavor back in 1993. The whole album was pretty hot and it definitely has that 90's sound so many like to reminisce on. The lead single, Can I Get Open, is also the first time I ever heard Jay-Z rhyme, ever. Someone out there might have an earlier verse from him and I invite you to to hit us up and let us know what it is. But for now, hit play and enjoy what is possibly the world's introduction to Mr. Carter.

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