05 February 2014

The Tape Deck: Pharcyde - Drop

       I was going through some of my old stuff and realized I haven't popped something into The Tape Deck for a minute. That, coupled with Dilla Day coming up this weekend, made this track a natural choice.

       One of the biggest accolades Dilla gets to this day is how he'd drop a beat and you wouldn't even know it was him. That's how this song was for me. When this dropped back in '95, all I knew was the song was on smash. I didn't even know Dilla produced it until a couple years later. This is one of the earliest examples of how Detroit and Cali just seem to go good together when it comes to Hip Hop. That man was a freakin' genius.

Happy Birthday Jay Dee. I wouldn't be surprised if you found a way to flip them trumpets up above.

Rest In Peace 

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