25 February 2014

TRIBUTE: Big Punisher (11/9/71 - 2/7/00)

This post was just going to be a Tape Deck series submission. While I was going to add an extra video or two, I decided to give one on my top 5 emcees a little more substance than that.

In 1998 Christopher "Big Pun" Rios dropped his classic debut album, Capital Punishment. Lyrically demolishing every instrumental with the greatest ease, confidently stating: "I am the nicest..ever. Hardcore? Commercial? Whatchu wanna do, you wanna wile up, you wanna dance? Don't matter to me, I got it all locked down baby." This exclamation illustrates what made Pun such a legendary emcee, his unique versatility. He could drop his Billboard Hot 100 track Still Not a Player and in the same album hit us with his Deep Cover rendition, Twinz. His immediate respect in the game was culture wide, from vets to rookies, they all knew that a lyrical monster had awoken. 

His early death echoes the lose of other great emcees, but while others were taken by violence, Pun's end came due to health complications he suffered as the result of his weight. His legacy includes becoming the first solo Latino rapper to go platinum, a gold album (Yeeeah Baby) and ranking 25 or better on GOAT lists throughout the industry. As we wrap up the month of Big Pun's untimely demise, I invite uall to take trip down memory lane and remember this true emcee.
Capital Punishment:
Yeeeah Baby:
Endangered Species:

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