02 April 2014

Have You Heard? : acquaintance. UPDATE

   So I'm gonna take a quick breather from getting my feelings hurt in our March Madness tourney to drop some info on y'all. Remember a while back I hipped you to a nasty mash up artist by the name acquaintance? No? Well I did, go back and check the piece here. A few days after the post went up, everything just up and vanished. I told you as soon as I heard something I'd let you know what's up. Consider this a kept promise. I was fortunate enough to carry on a brief Facebook conversation with the man himself and long story short, he needed a break so he pulled everything down and chilled for a bit. He has recently started putting his previous work back up on SoundCloud and YouTube, but this time around he says the only tunes he's gonna be throwing up will be the ones he has the visuals to go along with. He went on to say that if he does make more mash ups in the future they will all have visuals to go with them. I'm not gonna lie, when he said "if" I wasn't feeling it, but he says he'll more than likely keep making music, it will just be longer between releases. This guy was dropping crazy amounts music in a short time frame so I can definitely dig that.

     And there it is. Like I said last time, you need to get familiar with acquaintance. This dude is the truth. Follow him on Soundcloud, like him on Facebook, and peep the visuals on YouTube. This is like a second chance for those of you that missed him the last time. Consider yourself updated.

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