03 June 2014

VIDEO: Pharoahe Monch - Broken Again

Today Pharoahe Monch dropped a visual for the track Broken Again, off of his last LP PTSD (which was recently reviewed, peep review here). It is no surprise that Pharoahe Monch chose to submit a video that is as cinematic as the single itself (and overall album for that matter). PTSD dealt with mature and emotional subject matters, and Broken Again tackles the issue of heroine addiction. Lyrically Monch personifies the drug and chooses to represent her as a person in the video as well. There are a lot of blurred and out of focus camera techniques throughout the video. The addition of the use of shadows and darkness all add to the despair, isolation and confusion associated with heroine abuse. Overall this is just a beautifully made video to supplement and very strong track.

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