06 August 2014

SINGLE: Action Bronson - Easy Rider

Most of uall in the BITM nation can guess which emcees we prefer and who we got in steady rotation. For yours truly, Action Bronson is definitely one of those dudes. I gave the emcee four and a half tapes in the review of his debut EP, Saaab Stories, and he was also a runner up for the Most Slept On in the 2013 BITM Year End Wrap Up. Our own Twon Johnson even singled out Bronsalino in the 2013 XXL Freshman Class post. And ever since Action's EP I have been patiently waiting for his follow up, Mr.Wonderful. A release date has yet to be set, but we assume that should be updated soon since we do know it'll drop this year (hopefully). Enter Mr.Wonderful's first single, Easy Rider. The classic rock sample from Party Supplies is very Hendrix/Santana-y and provides a great ambiance for Bronson to lay down his lyrics. I've had this joint on repeat since I heard the single and am just amazed at the intricate details found in each bar. The metaphors and visual lyrics fit perfectly with the overall theme of the track. The instrumental is a bit psychedelic and his lyrics supplement the track effortlessly. 

Peep track below. Joint is fuego.

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