07 October 2014

VIDEO: Redman - Muddy Waters 2 Mixtape & more

The last couple of months Redman has been dropping a handful of music videos to promote his Muddy Waters 2 mixtape. The mixtape serves as a prelude to his next studio album, Muddy Waters 2: Even Muddier. Reggie Noble joins the list of golden era emcees to create a sequel to one of their classic 90s album. The original Muddy Waters was Redman's third studio album and came out in 96.

The Funk Doctor Spock has stayed relevant throughout the years with his consistent lyrical skills and versatility. He can drop some hardcore hood joints, switch it up with a light hearted and fun track and of course drop many smokers anthems. While his last projects have been hit or miss, here is to hoping that the Soopaman Luva delivers another classic album.

Peep the videos for a few Muddy Water 2 mixtape tracks (there are so many I doubt I got them all) and a few promo videos as well.

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