10 December 2014

SINGLE: Nas - The Season (produced by J Dilla)

Even though J Dilla has been gone for almost 10 years, his influence on hip hop is still relevant. While his name isn't one that will appear in mainstream "best of producers" lists, he will always hold a spot in most hip hop heads hearts. Like most people, Nas heard many Dilla tracks but did not know much about the person. In an interview a few years ago Nas admitted that he really didn't learn about J Dilla until after his untimely passing. But he also said that he would have loved to collab on a  J Dilla track because he felt their styles would complement each other well.

What once was a dream is now a reality. Escobar's 12th solo LP will hopefully drop next year, and the single The Season has set the stage to make this one of his most anticipated albums to date. The instrumental comes from J Dilla's timeless 2006 album, Donuts. The name of the track is Gobstopper and samples Luther Ingram's To The Other Man. So from the "what if" vaults, here is one of those timeless tracks from JD and Nasty.

"The soulful sample compliments my, rhyme so well"

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