13 March 2015

LOCAL Artist: Jesse Hall/ Tre da G.O.A.T

"We from the murdawoods a.k.a. the mothership, West Chicagoland area. The tape is called Enter The Woods. My partner in crime is Tre Da G.O.A.T, and we bringing them funkadelic melodies cracking the system one code at a time."
Direct quotation from Jesse Hall. This is a very dope video from him & Tre Da G.O.A.T, together they form the group 3LG X ABE5000. This visual actually has a concept which isn't to frequent in many videos that exist today. Aside from the visual, this guy definitely has some skill when it comes to lyrics.  His flow over this beat is perfectly tailored to him. With an older Outkast sound to it, this is definitely an easy track to vibe to. The mixtape Enter The Woods, will be dropping next month so stay tuned! If you like listening to new local artists, this guy is definitely worth the listen.

Other credentials: Producer - Canis Major, Director - AyKid Shots

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