06 March 2015

SINGLE: Jay Electronica - Road to Perdition

One of the most fierce yet frustrating emcee's in recent years has finally released another track to keep fan's anticipation of him dropping a complete project from waning. Jay Electronica's reputation in the game is the embodiment of "Detox," a word that went from representing Dr. Dre's swan song to an all-out diss toward someone or something that, for whatever reason, refuses to deliver on promises for a certain number of years. People are so ready to crown Jay Elec off the strength of two singles, but after 5+ years we still have yet to receive a full lengh album from the New Orleans native. It's amazing how he is being hailed as one of the greats with such a near-non-existent body of work, but that speaks to how much of a monster this man is on the mic. Today we get "Road to Perdition," which has been on the track listing for his unreleased album Act II: Patents of Nobility (The Turn) for quite some time now. It's great to hear new music from Elec, but if he is going to continue to make us wait this long for new music, everything he drops better be on "Exhibit: A" status. Don't get me wrong, he goes off on this track, but for someone who isn't up on Jay Electronica hype, this song may not help them understand it any better. Listen below and let us know what you think...
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