15 April 2015

SINGLE: Snoop Dogg - So Many Pros

I don't know if y'all ready for this one. This shit is so fonky I don't even feel like writing cuz I'm too busy jammin. Pharrell Williams, who has also produced Snoop's entire upcoming album Bush, has linked back up with the Doggfather for "So Many Pros." At this point it's probably safe to crown Snoop Dogg the King of comebacks as he is a master of reinventing himself. Granted, his source material is often a throwback to timeless funk music, it seems to work everytime and his approach is never the same. This video hearkens back to famous blaxploitation and James Bond movies of the 70s and cleverly uses an unfolded promo poster as the backdrop. It's one of the most creative videos I've seen in Hip-hop in awhile. There's also a cameo from The Wire alum Felicia "Snoop" Pearson as Snoop's Connection...lol.

Artists with a certain amount of tenure in the game often times have a certain producer they are linked to that they make absolute magic with. Eric B & Rakim, DJ Premier & Guru, Alchemist & Prodigy, Jay-Z & Just Blaze, Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek, Timbaland & Missy Elliott, T.I. & DJ Toomp, the list goes on and on. While Snoop and Pharrell may not be as linked at the hip as some of the aforementioned duos, they do have a notable track record of collaborating partially or fully on a couple of critically acclaimed albums from Paid tha Cost to Be da Boss in 2002, to R&G (Rhythm & Gangsta): The Masterpiece in 2004. Some of Snoop's most memorable post-Doggystyle era music has been with the i am OTHER founder. The new single "So Many Pros" falls right in line with their very best work, and surely has the potential to become one of, if not, their greatest collaboration ever. That is a huge co-sign, if you are familiar with their past work, but if you don't believe me, just listen below.
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