31 December 2015

Skillz - 2015 Rap Up

Years ago, the artist from Richmond, VA known as Mad Skillz said he was retiring his famous "Rap Up" series. Years later, he still has yet to skip a single year of releasing them LOL. It's crazy to think that Skillz has been dropping year-end wrap ups for nearly fifteen years now, each installment more hilarious than the last. What's even more wild is the fact hardly no one knows that the guy actually has real music of his own, but the "Rap Up" series has become such a huge part of his identity that he has no one to blame but himself.

The "2015 Rap Up" shows Skillz literally hitting every major event in our society, for better or worse, that defined the year that was. From the color of that dumb ass dress to the white girl who identifies as a black girl even after she got exposed as a white girl. Skillz starts off strong with probably the most hilarious intro to a "Rap Up" ever, but to avoid any spoilers here, just peep the link below.
HAPPY NEW YEAR from Best In The Mix!

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