14 August 2016

NEWS - West Coast Perseverance

Longevity is something that all artists strive to achieve.  In most cases, if they put in the work necessary and continue to produce quality content, chances are they will eventually reach that plateau.  Nipsey Hussle is someone I believe is finally living up to his namesake.

Nipsey’s consistency after fully dedicating himself to music has been phenomenal.  His most recent milestone of note has been releasing the “Crenshaw” mixtape for $100 and then following up with “Mailbox Money” for $1000 the following year.  Now that seems way out-of-pocket but, both projects sold out in a day!  As an independent artist, that feat is amazing.  Not only did he choose to sell these two projects for a ridiculous amount, but he also made back 100% of his album sales!  This is pretty much unprecedented in today’s world. Though there were limited copies of both albums, his fan base is strong enough for copies to sell out at these prices. 

Even though we don’t have the West Coast King’s long-awaited for album Victory Lap yet, he has been on a tear lately.  Falling in line with the theme of his brand, he has been on a 16 week marathon run dropping nothing but quality music.  Call me biased, but I believe the majority of people would agree that the tracks he's released so far are of album caliber.  The discipline that Nipsey has displayed throughout the past few months has been impressive, and will soon prove the summer is indeed his.  Beginning on April 25th of this year, the Westside Crip initiated his takeover.  This late Spring/Summer reign consists of 16 tracks and 4 music videos without including his many guest appearances on other artists tracks.

For those of our BITM readers who aren’t privy to Nip, now is a good time to get familiar.  Nipsey Hussle is a well-gifted and well-versed emcee to the core. His knowledge of the game is displayed through how he moves and the business decisions that have earned him notoriety from the Forbes List.  With lyrics like, “Nip the Crip that flipped the blueprint that Hova laid” or “I study rich niggas moves like they my homework,” it’s easy to see that he is about ownership.  Nipsey being an independent artist and having full control of his masters just adds to his repertoire of success.  A big announcement is supposed to be given to fans this Monday on the 15th of August (which is also his birthday); and more than likely the announcement of his up and coming album, Victory Lap. Be on the lookout for a review from us here at BITM!

Nipsey's 16-week Marathon Monday's release record:

1.  Nipsey Hussle - Thug Life Feat. Young Thug * Apr 25, 2016                                       
2.  Nipsey Hussle - Ocean Views * May 2, 2016
3.  Nipsey Hussle - Basic Instinct Feat. G Perico * May 9, 2016
4.  Nipsey Hussle - The Field Feat. Bino & Young Dolph * May 16, 2016
5.  Nipsey Hussle - I Do This Feat. Young Thug & Mozzy * May 23, 2016
6.  Nipsey Hussle - Status Symbol 2 Feat. Buddy * May 30, 2016
7.  Nipsey Hussle - Down As A Great Feat. Kirko Bangz * Jun 6, 2016
8.  Nipsey Hussle - Question #1 Feat. Snoop Dogg * Jun 13, 2016
9.  Nipsey Hussle - Ain't Hard Enough Feat. Mozzy * Jun 21, 2016
10. Nipsey Hussle - Full Time Feat. Mitchy Slick * Jun 27, 2016
11. Nipsey Hussle - One Hunnit * Jul 4, 2016
12. Nipsey Hussle - Picture Me Rollin Feat. OverDoz. * Jul 11, 2016
13. Nipsey Hussle - Clarity Feat. Bino Rideaux & Dave East * Jul 18, 2016
14. Nipsey Hussle - I Don't Stress * Jul 25, 2016
15. Nipsey Hussle - Shell Shocked * Aug 2, 2016
16. Nipsey Hussle - On The Floor Feat. Cuzzy Capone * Aug 8, 2016

Check Out Nipsey Hussle's "Question #1" Video feat. Snoop Dogg below as well as his "Picture Me Rollin" video.
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