21 September 2016

SINGLE: Game - Pest Control

One of the many great things about writing for BITM, is that we don't have to report on all the hip hop TMZ news out there. We didn't have to flood our posts with other site's obligatory Drake/Meek "beef". What we do do (ha..), is comb through all that noise out there, and use our forum to highlight topics that interest us. So this morning I came across this Game track. I have vague recollections of reading article titles mentioning Game going at Meek (as well as seeing "this is what you look like when Game disses you out of nowhere" memes). I have no idea why Game decided to jump in the anticlimactic Drake/Meek drama, nor did I have enough interest in looking it up to add to this post. My assumption was that since Game is dropping his 8th LP, 1992, in October, he wanted some extra pub for that. But after peeping that track, I have come to two conclusions. 1: Game decided to remind the world what a diss track sounds like, and that he can craft diss track like the best of them (remember the Game/50 beef? when emcees actually make diss tracks? good times.). This track went WAY harder then I expected it to. 2: For whatever reason, Game REALLY dislikes Meek. This was not a "I need a promo diss" track, this had references on top of references. There was def research done by Game on this one. Oh, and on top of all that, I caught a couple jabs to Beanie Sigel, Sean Kingston and Omelly(?). All I care about from that list is Beans. If you talking about emcees who can swing in a rap beef, the Broad Street Bully is DEF on that list. For months and months I've had to listen to people tell me, "man, Drake is dropping HARD diss tracks". And for months and months I've been wishing for a real rap beef. Are my wishes finally gonna come through? Because a Game/Beanie back and forth sounds good to me. And to clarify, I just want rap beef that stays on wax. Neither I nor BITM promote actual violence.

Peep Game's "Pest Control" below. What uall think? Are uall hoping for Beans to reply ASAP?

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