22 December 2016

TAPE DECK: Mos Def, DMX, John Forte, Mic Geronimo, Big Pun, Canibus cypher

I've been seeing this video resurface lately on the web. So in the spirit of the holidays, I felt it right to honor the sacred tradition of regifting and pass it on to yall. The video takes place in a restaurant and features Mos Def, DMX, John Forte, Mic Geronimo, Big Pun, and Canibus in an epic late '90s cypher. On the web it says that this took place in '97 or '98, which sounds about right since most use lyrics from their respective '98 albums.

(The artist formerly know as) Mos Def starts off the cypher with bars from "RE: DEFinition". This track came from Black Star's classic duo debut (comprised of Mos Def and Talib Kweli) in September of '98. Canibus was up next, but audaciously asked to be skipped so he could anchor the cypher. DMX follows up with lyrics from "Ain't No Way", from his sophomore LP Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood, which dropped on December of '98. John Forte and Mic Geronimo continue the cypher, with the latter appearing to spit a true "freestyle". But I can't really say since I am not that well versed in either ones career. Big Pun spits fire from "The Dream Shatterer", off of his classic debut Capital Punishment, which dropped on April '98. This should have been the true cypher anchor, and I think all emcees present would agree (especially since Pun's bars drew the most reactions). But Canibus has to wrap up this legendary cypher since he decided to get brolic earlier. While def not on par with the late great Pun, Canibus delivers his hardest bars from "Second Round K.O.", his LL Cool J diss from his September '98 debut, Can-I-Bus

Peep classic cypher below.

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