25 February 2017


I mean GOD DAMN, Rem, way to light the internet on fire!

I'm sittin in the Nissan dealership around 1:00pm this afternoon when a link wit a pic of a dead Barbie doll pops up on my phone.  First instinct was like "Aw shit, here we go."  Ain't have no popcorn so I grabbed another vanilla latte to sip on instead, while I enjoyed nearly 7 minutes of SCATHING BARS dropped by none other than Remy Ma dismantling Nicki Minaj's entire career.  The imagery in the cover art is apropos, because whether or not you think Rem came correct, Nicki is VISIBLY threatened by her existence.  Remy Ma is like the last boss in a videogame and Nick can't figure out how the fuck to beat her.  I've never seen Nicki spend so much time scrambling to prove her status by highlighting accolades and posting audio of Beyonce cosigns like that somehow validates her bars compared to Remy Ma.  It's actually shocking to witness how Nicki Minaj appears to be completely thrown off her game now that she is finally faced with real competition for the first time in her career.

The thing is, "shETHER" comes off the heels of a Fisher Price feature from Nicki off a Jason Derulo song that was released a day ago called "Swalla" where Onika claims "I gave these bitches 2 years now they time's up.  Bless her heart, she throwin shots but every line sucks..."



Well...how bout y'all be the judge...

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