02 January 2018

Skillz vs. Uncle Murda - RAP UP 2017

I'm not even gonna sugar coat it, it's time for Skillz to hang it up.  Look man, helluva run but your spot got snatched a couple years ago.  Uncle Murda's brand of Rap Ups these past couple years seem to just hit harder than his counterpart's in all facets.  He infuses more energy and wit into his bars that manage to hold your ear better than Skillz's lazy efforts these past couple years.

The dichotomy between the two is interesting though.  It's like the devil and the angel on each shoulder, but when has anyone ever cared about what the angel has to say?  That shit is boring and corny, and instead, most fans are gravitating toward what the grimy street dude has to say.  Uncle Murda understands how to keep listeners entertained, while Skillz seems to just be doin this shit for the hell of it at this point.  I was hoping the competitive aspect would force Skillz to go back to mid-2000s form, but this 2017 Rap Up ain't it.  Peep both Year-End Rap Ups below.

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