09 October 2012

Interview: Hype

I know I'm throwing a lot of material at y'all this week, but this is my attempt at covering up for the lost time we had last week. Things were slow but that's no excuse for leaving you, the reader, out in the cold. So with that being said, we have another interview for y'all. Today we have an emcee from the 757. I first heard him through a mutual associate and decided to reach out and give him a more intense listen. He's got a lot to say so read on...
Best In The Mix: First up, introduce yourself to the masses...

Hype: Hello world I go by the name of Hype and every bar that I write helps reignite hip hops electrolytes.

BITM: Alright, that's a hell of a way to get the ball rolling! What inspired you to start rhyming?
H: One day I was bored listening to instrumentals and my cousins kept asking why do I keep playing beats all day if I'm not going to write to them so that's how it began. Now when I wrote my first rhymes they had found my rhyme book and clowned me for that whole day (lol) that in fact almost ended my career before it began because I was like damn I suck (lol). I'm thankful though that I don't like giving up easily otherwise I'd probably be...eh, never mind that doesn't matter.
BITM: O...kay. Well, it's a good thing that you didn't give up. Despite the clownage, what changed your mind and inspired you to seriously pursue the rap game?

H: It was multiple situations that invited me to see how far I can possibly go with this career. God kept opening up new opportunities for me to explore and new doors to walk through every time I had prayed asking if this is the right career for me. I was originally going to stop rapping after my Anger Management 3 mixtape...actually before I even dropped the first Anger Management tape I had thought about retiring from this art because bills were piling up and I wasn't making money or getting to the position I wanted to be in at the time. Now I’m learning that nothing happens overnight and that a lot of sacrifice is required to really achieve whatever it is you want in life. So I'm not going anywhere for a hot minute.

BITM: Man, that’s something that I’ve told numerous young men and women stepping into the arena of music. If you truly want it, you have to work at it. If it’s meant to be, it’ll come up, but it may take a long ass time. How much effort, time and patience you put up is up to you. Outside of learning to be patient, what has been the hardest part about trying to break in?

H: Man I can go in all day on this but I'm going to keep it simple with these two topics: money and support. Actually getting the money necessary (legally) to make the moves you need to make to advance in this game. A lot of artist don't understand that it takes money to make money; can't be cheap in this industry. And last but certainly not least is getting support from people, ESPECIALLY from other artists. It's tough emotionally for me sometimes because it feels like I have to pull an arm and a leg to get people I know and are supposed to be cool with to check out my music and let me know how they honestly feel about it. Yet when an already established industry artist drops their mixtape or a new video or whatever, they are all over it posting it all over Facebook, tweeting about it on Twitter and yet when I ask them have they peeped my material out I get the "nah man my fault I've been busy" reply and it annoys me to the point where I've almost done diss records about people who have done that to me. Another big plague is artist having too much pride, too big of an ego to collab with somebody that may be as talented or even better than they are. Too many artist want to be that top guy to do everything by themselves and get all the spotlight or whatever. It takes a massive amount of support to make an impact in this business this whole crab in a bucket mentality WILL GET YOU NOWHERE but stuck being a pissed of rapper who never made it (Eminem voice lol).

BITM: That’s life right there, though. Hell, I’ve encountered the same lack of support with getting Nifty World off the ground. You just have to realize that not everyone has your best interest at heart or even gives a damn. A lot of people are ‘word of mouth’ breathers and don’t back up their words with actions. However, you keep honing your craft and reaching out, eventually someone with clout will come by and help you out. “It’s not always what you know, but who you know.” Let’s say you find your success, where do you want to see yourself in five years?

H: An established artist, turned actor, comedian, or whatever. I want to branch out and do more than just rap my entire life, I see other artist doing it and I was thinking if they can do it then eff it, so can I.

BITM: Groovy, nothing like having a backup plan or an alternate idea. Alright, let’s talk inspiration: who are your top five favorite rappers?

H: Eminem, Ludacris, Lupe Fiasco, Royce 5'9, and I'm going to ease Nas in there.

BITM: You don’t have to ease him in; Nas deserves a top spot in lists, ha! Alright, what are you currently working on?

H: My first and long overdue album Believe The Hype, my Group Therapy 2 collab mixtape and another group mixtape I don't want to quite reveal yet but keep a look out. *Birdman hand rubs and nods head*

BITM: Ha, ok. Although a crude businessman, Birdman isn’t a bad model for hustler in hip-hop. We’ll make sure to look out for those projects. Speaking of projects, you were already a few tapes deep into your Anger Management series. Describe that movement for us...

H: Man the Anger Management series is my pride and joy so far I cannot lie to you. I love that series like men love women. That is like my personal audio journal where I can personally just vent and get what I need to say off my chest without a fist or two flying your direction afterwards lol. The first Anger Management tape I was unemployed for 5 months basically the whole summer of that year I was broke. It was a real rough time for me and I had to get this pain out of me the best way I knew how. But the actual idea for the mixtape name came from me watching the Anger Management movie with Adam Sandler and got some skit ideas then really thought to myself “Yo, I can use this as my therapy while maintaining my colorful personality and being serious at the same damn time (Future voice).” I will say to people if you want to really get to know me personally listen to the first three Anger Managements and Rebirth and you will have a good understanding on what type of person I really am. Out of the 4 of that particular series Anger Management 3 and 4 are in close competition with each other for being the best tape. I also love how each tape shows growth in my skills whether it's better quality or lyrics I have improved GREATLY from how I used to sound like. I don't really care about being the best because music is mostly opinionated or whatever, HOWEVER if you play my music with 65% of your average unsigned artist my music will stand out. Now if we are just talking in VA I will boost that number up to 90% lol. I'm just saying man, too many artist sound like the next man and I will keep it at that...for now. *Kanye shrugs

BITM: At least you’re passionate about your stuff. What big things can we expect to see from you in the next six months?

H: Growth in fan base and maturity in music. I don't think I've quite reached my peak yet and I'm ready to see how far I can go with this.

BITM: How would you describe your style of emceeing?

H: I'm pretty witty (did not mean to rhyme lol) I'm a lyrical punchline type rapper I often get compared to an early Eminem or Royce 5'9 I can be serious, cocky, arrogant, sad, funny; I am very diverse. The reason why this is so important is because when I rap you get MY ideas, MY thoughts, MY lyrics not my persona...what people don't quite realize yet is that this is not an act I am really this spontaneous when it comes to my emotions. When I'm acting like an ass on a song just sounding cocky that is how I am. When I do a serious relationship themed song that is my real feelings whether ignorant, harsh sounding or even heartbreaking as it may be, it is me. I just go by Hype to have an interesting rap name. I am the perfect example of why you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. Remember that and you'll do fine.

BITM: I can definitely respect that. Too many artists out here are trying to be something or someone that they are not. It’s actually really annoying. Ok, so is there anyone else the streets should be on the lookout for?

H: My go to artists when it comes to a hot 16, 24, or even 32 are Vizion, Kid Cardi, Loko, Scribe. Also want to mention The Coup they are doing their thing right now grinding hard with these videos supplying people with what they need as far as good music. My dude B Beck also making some noise producing Travis Porters “Aww Yea” and even though I don't know him like I do others I just named he is a humble, sincere person and I wish even more success for him. Also my man Nick new podcast coming soon titled Slick Radio. And last but not least my newly formed group I am proud and honored to be recruited in: Dream Killers. I can't forget my new music family. Expect to be hearing a lot from us REAL SOON. If I forgot you my bad and get over it lol, It's not that serious to be annoyed over.

BITM: That’s what’s up. That’s a hell of a list, but I know for a fact that there are a lot of acts out here who aren’t getting the recognition they deserve, so that’s a good look. I can also attest for that Loko cat that you mentioned. Straight skills right there! Alright, the floor is yours. Any last words?

H: I wanna thank Best In The Mix for even thinking of having me do an interview. I wasn't expecting this at all but I appreciate the love shown. I also do want to thank everyone who has supported me so far in my career from the bottom of my heart it does mean a lot to me. Oh and follow me on Twitter at @ThisisHype757 and @ItsHype_757. Now the ThisisHype page is more business and networking the other is my personal page. Also if you haven't checked it out http://musicismyweapon.bandcamp.com/album/anger-management-4 that's my AM4 tape and http://www.datpiff.com/profile/THEHYPEMAN757/mixtapes there is the profile that has all my mixtapes on there. Check them out and show some love. Alright that's pretty much it I hope I was entertaining and open enough in this interview for you all to enjoy thank you for your time...ITS HYPE!

Alright, well there you have it, folks. Support a local brother and tell him what you think of his material! Remember, we can't grow if we don't know! The Niftian, out...

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