08 October 2012

Interview: Tyler Wrighteous

I first heard Tyler Wrighteous at Epic fest 2012 and was blown away by the young artist's lyrical dexterity, his stage presence and his killer flow. I approached him as soon as he stepped off the stage and had to congratulate him on being a menace with a mic. Funny thing is, like Hero The Artist, Wrighteous is one of the nicest guys you could ever meet when the stage lights are off, the mic is unplugged and the fans have closed their tabs at the bar. He truly believes the words that he spits and his lyrics are as honest as they are raw, but he has no reason to bully you or make you think he is some wannabe gangsta OG when he really isn't.
I threw a few questions at Tyler Wrighteous to pick his brain and the following is the result. Enjoy...
Best In The Mix: First up, introduce yourself to the masses... 
Tyler Wrighteous: My mother named me Tyler, I came up with the name Wrighteous. So, I put it together and boom...Tyler Wrighteous. 

BITM: Fair enough. What inspired you to start rhyming? 
TW: Lupe Fiasco's verse on "Touch The Sky." Classic. 
BITM: I can understand that! I hadn't even heard of him before then. I've been a fan of his since the first moment I heard that verse, too. What inspired you to seriously pursue the rap game? 
TW: Just seeing other young talented kids my age working hard and getting recognition for it. If they can do it, why not me?
BITM: True, true. That's one of the selling points of another Nifty World site, www.DoBetterMovement.org, to get out and accomplish grand things. So many people aren't willing to put in the work, though. What has been the hardest part about trying to break in? 
TW: Just trying to get people to check out the music. I don't look like an appealing artist, but I feel the music speaks for itself...and I'm only getting started. All I need is a chance and a little faith. But, I'm not begging. It'll come. 
BITM: You seem to have your head in the right place and at least you're not looking for a handout. Where do you want to see yourself in five years? 
TW: Touring. Making a decent living either as an artist or writing for an upscale blog/magazine.

BITM: Hell, I'd like that for myself! Who are your top five favotite rappers? 
TW: Right now: Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, Ryshon Jones, Tokyo Ave (they needed a shoutout) and all time: Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Eminem, A Tribe Called Quest (does that count as 3?)

BITM: Ha! Nah, ATCQ can definitely be classified as one entity. The BITM crew is definitely rocking with Kendrick Lamar as well and can't wait for the album to drop. Our partners at Artistic Manifesto have us anxiously waiting based on their preview. So, what are you currently working on? 
TW: My debut, all-original project...Hall of Mirrors. 
BITM: That's what's up! I play songs off The Nice Guy EP often. How would you describe the recent release... 
TW: It was a very spontaneous release to be honest. I had a couple records I was working on, and it kinda just came together naturally. 

BITM: What big things can we expcect to see from you in the next six months? 
TW: Hopefully some more performance, definitely videos for all 4 records off of "The Nice Guy", hopefully Hall of Mirrors will be out by then. 
BITM: That would definitely be a good look. Those songs are tough and I could only imagine what visuals you have in mind for them. How would you describe your style of emceeing? 
TW: Honest. Individual. Uncompromising. 
BITM: I concur 100%. Anyone else the streets should be on the look out for? 
TW: Ja-P, Era Hardaway, Cello Figaro, Steven Q. 

BITM: Some of those names are new to me, but I will DEF co-sign on Era Hardaway! I'll look out for the others. Alright, the floor is yours. Any last words? 

TW: Long live the Vivids. GLG until they cut off my pinky finger. Finer Arts Department is where I master my craft. I stay on my Ninth Nimbus. Thank you for the love and support thus far. It's only the beginning. I'll see you in the hall...

 There you have it, y'all. I'm telling you, this kid is truth and shouldn't be denied. While he works on his debut LP, peep "The Nice Guy," available to download from http://thatkidwrighteous.bandcamp.com for free. Not only should you support local artists across the globe, you should appreciate good music. The Niftian, out...

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