21 September 2013

Drake ft. Jay-Z - Pound Cake

We here at BITM have noticed a recent trend of artists featured on someone else's album calling others out on wax. Regardless of the reason, name-dropping sparks the pilot light in the Hip-hop community and gets us all buzzing about the impact a verse will have on those mentioned, and the game as a whole. On Drake's new album, Jay-Z is featured on a song called "Pound Cake" where he runs off a list of all the artists who came up around him that became millionaires.

In the middle of the verse he takes a jab at the person who used to be 2nd in command on the ROC, Beanie Sigel with the line, "I'm just gettin started, oh yeah we got it bitch. I done made more millionaires than the lotto did. Dame made millions, Biggs made millions. 'Ye made millions, Just made millions. Lyor made millions, Cam made millions. Beans'll tell you if he wasn't in his feelings."

This wasn't the first or second time Jay took a stab at the Broad Street Bully, but it may have been the first time he was direct. As their relationship is beyond repair, is it even worth it for Beans to respond? Let us know in the comments below.

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