22 September 2013

Local Music: Nightmerica - The Waiting Room

Making another appearance on BITM is the Metro-Detroit group, Nightmerica (Adolf JYN, Darth FYN, D.A.V.E., JOE HYNDEAUX, and Slave T). They previously released numerous amounts of individual songs and their debut video that premiered on BITM titled "6th Flow." Nightmerica has finally released their freshman mixtape, The Waiting Room. Nightmerica have already built up their fan base by doing shows over their respective territory and are now seeking to branch out to establish more listeners. 

Their first project is only 7 tracks but the a few of these tracks do have some heavy lyrics behind them. They are not looking to be just like any other "rappers" nowadays where everyone just talks that about trapping. Nightmerica actually attempts to put effort in their rhymes. If I could compare them to anyone that is in the game, they would be a cross between OFWGKTA, A$AP Mob, and Ab-Soul. In my perspective, the message that Nightmerica actually wishes to get across is "The revolution will occur, p.s. y'all can't rap."

I think the most lethal of this group is Adolf JYN. I believe this dude is seriously a problem. He makes small and sneaky references that you seriously have to pay attention to. Intricate lyrics like, "I need to devise an espionage, so I can revive as a Samurai, slice 'em like Hattori Hanzo..." is what you have to appreciate: especially if you take the time out to actually listen and break them down. Hattori Hanzo is a famous Samurai and ninja from the 16th century but in modern culture you may remember his name as the swordsman/blacksmith from the movie Kill Bill Vol. 1.

This is a good mixtape from this team as rookies. There are things that needs to be worked on as there are with any starter piece of work. Nothing will be perfect and if it is perfect you still make it better. To support them, the link to download their tape is posted below. Be on the lookout for more Nightmerica!

Download: http://nightmerica.bandcamp.com/

Twitter: @_KJTheGreat or @Bestinthemix
E-mail: Kjohnsonk14@gmail.com

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