15 March 2014

Have You Heard?: acquaintance.

UPDATE: March 22, 2013

     Since the initial posting, all traces of acquaintance have disappeared off of Facebook and SoundCloud. While I am pretty sure I know the reason, I'm not going to spread any unfounded information. Hopefully, a lot of you were able to peep his work and add it to your collection before it was taken down. If any newsworthy information drops about the reasons why his work has vanished, I'll be sure to fill you in. The following post will remain as is.

Before you start reading, hit play. Just do it.
     The playlist that you are (hopefully) listening to right now is a selection of tracks from mashup artist acquaintance. As far as his personal biography goes, I don’t know anything about him; straight up. I know his Facebook page says he’s from Dallas, Texas. But as far as where he is now, when he started, and all the nerd facts people like to get into, I couldn’t tell you. What I do know is the mashes this guy does are pretty freaking amazing. A lot of his mashups use R&B or Rap songs paired up with mostly Electronic music. For those of you that have a negative view on Electronic music or have no clue how far it has come in the past decade, some of these tracks just might make you curious to what else is out there. Because of his style, acquaintance makes many styles of music more accessible to people that don’t swerve too far outside their lanes. He also has a YouTube channel that features videos done mashup style for a few of his tracks. I believe he edits the videos himself, but don’t quote me. Either way, they are pretty good visuals. The videos for Uncertain and Ethereal are my favorites. You can follow the jump here to check out his YouTube channel.

    Today, if you are feeling any of these tracks, do yourself a favor and check this guy out. Not only is the music great, it’s available for free download; always a good thing. Like him on Facebook and follow him on SoundCloud and show your support. The future is pretty bright for this guy.

You can find acquaintance on:

I’m out.

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