03 November 2014

VIDEO: Joe Budden, "Ordinary Love Shit"

Joey is back with another one! In the fourth installment of his "Ordinary Love Shit" series, Mr. Budden waxes philosophical on the topic of love and the heartache, and break, that it causes. Whether the song is a sad and desolate tribute to the amazing roller coaster ride that has been Joe/Tahiry or simply a grown man's ode to emotional destruction, the fact remains that this is yet another banger with classic and sharply creative wordplay (pay attention to the 'ballplayer' lines). 
The song is off of Joe Budden's latest offering, "Some Love Lost," which drops November 4. The video, just released, was directed by Walu and shows Joe in an dimly lit and enclosed room, surrounded by his words, his rhymes, his thoughts, and the occasional haunting presence of some thick vixen with no face. The video is simple, and yet descriptive, as Joe speaks to his former (and interestingly unnamed) love about the pitfalls they encountered and what led to the degradation of their relationship. No, this isn't "Pump It Up," and it shouldn't be. Joe is easily one of the craftiest emcees in the game, and not simply because of his being able to last since those early radio days, but also because he is one of the few out now that still knows how to tell a story, a story that will draw you in and make you listen. The video is great because it isn't flashy, but it compliments, which is what a music video is supposed to do. Complement the song, not overshadow it. Joe is sitting in a chair for the vast majority of it, simply speaking his mind, and yet, I could hardly sit still or stop watching. Peep!

-The Niftian

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