06 November 2014

VIDEO: Kendrick Lamar - i

I know you've heard this song a few hundred times by now. Especially if you been watching any NBA games (as it is the official song for the association). We even posted the single when it dropped over a month ago. Well this week Mr. Lamar provided the visuals for the first single off of his next LP, i. This song has set the stage for K Dot's third studio album (Section8.0 is considered an album even though it was only available as a download). Peter Rosenberg has said that the few tracks he has heard are as good (if not better) than gkmc. He said, "Kendrick Lamar somehow has developed even more, gone to another level. He’s talking about Black righteousness. He’s talking about Africa. There’s social commentary." 

The video is another strong visual narrative to accompany the single. Kendrick starts off in a club where a fight is about to break out. A man in a white suit breaks it up and Kendrick leads the crowd into a line dance. He leaves and walks through the streets and leads different groups of people with the same dance. He meets Mr. Biggs himself, Ron Isely, who drives him back to the club/lounge. 

So while we wait for early 2015, peep the video below. 

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