28 May 2015

VIDEO: Rapsody - Hard To Chose

BITM has been championing Rapsody since day one. She has truly been a hidden gem. And with a solid catalog of mixtapes, EPs, and an LP, Rap fans have found an emcee that breaks the current status quo of new rappers (especially female rappers). But now comes her biggest test, "mainstream" success. Kendrick Lamar dropped another classic LP (peep our TPaB review here) and featured the NC native on the track Complexion. Since then Rapsody re-released her classic Beauty and the Beast EP (with a few new tracks) to capitalize on the momentum. 

In addition to the re-release, Rap also dropped some visuals for the track Hard to Chose. This is a quintessential Rapsody single. With sharp lyrics, strong subject matter and a versatile flow, Rap compliments the 9th Wonder beat her poignant bars. The track is able to juxtapose braggadocio lyrics with conscience themes and slick metaphors. The fact that she has been under 9th Wonder's tutelage and just the way she carries herself in general, makes me feel that she will be able to balance the "stay true to her day one fans" vs "cater to the new listeners" battle. But only time will tell. Until then we can only hope that Rapsody will stay true to her Culture Over Everything mantra and keep dropping hip hop bangers.

Peep video below.

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