04 June 2015

VIDEO: Sheek Louch - Gangstar Flow

The LOX are one of the most lyrical groups in hip hop history. And if you ask around, most hip hop heads consider Jadakiss or Styles P the alpha emcee in the group. While Sheek Louch has had less commercial success then his Yonkers brethren, he is by no means a weak link. Sheek seams to be content with playing the background and letting his D-Block counterparts get more of the limelight. His style is probably less versatile than Jada and Styles (he doesn't have the back and forth bars like said emcees), but he can take the title for the rawest/hardest spitter in the trio. Sheek rarely deviates from his hood/street opuses. The detail and emotion poured into his verses come across as genuine and unpolished (in a good way). Sheek is gearing up to release a follow up to his 3rd solo studio album, Silverback Gorilla. Silverback Gorilla 2 is set to drop in the fall and Sheek provides some visuals to the freestyle Gangstar Flow. Classic instrumental with super hard bars.

Peep video below.

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