11 June 2012


It was a sad weekend for one of hip-hop's premier underground legends, Canibus. The once mighty emcee threw down the sword this past weekend in a battle rap against upcoming battle rapper Dizaster in LA and had the audacity to commit two fouls during the event. First, he gave up before the third round and admitted defeat to Dizaster. Then he pulled out a notebook in the final round and started spitting canned raps.

What made this even more disturbing was the fact that the rhymes SUCKED! There were multiple pauses in his delivery, Canibus at times seeming lost and confused as to what he was going to say next. On top of that, he stopped repeatedly to address the many boos and jeers he was receiving from the audience.

At one point, Canibus yelled "You paid me my bread! They (the audience) paid their bread; let me spit my shit!" He was obviously frustrated, and I would be too, especially after the decimation that Dizaster put upon him. Canibus hasn't really had a chance to collect many cool points in recent years, but he lost what little he had this past weekend.

On top of Diz annihilating him at the Vendetta: Battle Royale, the audience mocking him aloud and his right arm in a sling (increasing the weakness factor), numerous colleagues took to Twitter to air Can-I-Bus out. Talib Kweli noted that he was in a state of confusion. Noted producer Alchemist said that boxing died along with Canibus, making mention of the crazy Pacquiao/Bradley decision that has so many people in an uproar. J-Ro from the Alkoholiks tweeted that Canibus should start his own line of notepads. I think my favorite tweet was from Freddie Gibbs, "canibus will rap for food."

As you can see, the attacks on the man who many claim destroyed LL Cool J with a "Second Round Knockout" are fierce, brutal and unforgiving, as they should be. Can claimed that he practiced and studied his rhymes for nearly a month in preparation. Clearly that wasn't enough time.

He should have just stayed in the Army...

-The Niftian

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